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Fashion Consort is a high-level consulting agency that specializes in integrative brand and business building, operational and systems development and strategic consumer engagement. We strive to align product, service and experience—authentically and inclusively—within an omni-channel framework.

authentic [ aw-then-tik ] / adjective

not false or copied; genuine; real; representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself

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Service Areas of Expertise


A brand represents a recognizable, unique and authentic point-of-view in the marketplace. We engage our clients in developing a strong mission, vision and value statement, a visual identity with impact and strategic roadmap for success.


Brands connect with consumers more directly than ever, engaging them in both physical and digital spaces. We build integrative experiences across all marketing channels to meet customers how and when they want to engage, while ensuring a consistent brand communication strategy.


In a competitive fashion marketplace, it’s imperative that product, services and experiences are authentically aligned. This starts with a strong yet flexible business plan, key partners, legal, financial, marketing—and a distribution plan.


Retail is experiencing a major disruption due to new technologies and consumer demands. Brands that are flexible, data driven, and experience-focused will stand out from the competition. Building coordinating and overlapping retail strategies across all channels is today’s market reality.


Success in the marketplace depends on a strategically run business. This begins with hiring, training and supporting the right team in a work environment that aligns with brand values, supported by the right systems and technologies.


Lifestyle branding is more than a buzz word, it’s a customer expectation. And it goes beyond creating products and services that fit a customer’s lifestyle. Rather, it considers how and when a customer interacts throughout their day whether it’s purchasing a product or browsing social media.

Our Work

Jude Connally

This unique, ongoing partnership is an opportunity to develop and implement a wide range of systems and programs to facilitate expansion and growth. Key projects have included: Organizational Structures & Mapping, E-Commerce Operations, Marketing Refocus, Instagram Strategy, Brand Style Guide and Wholesale Strategy.



In a fast changing marketplace, driven by technology, there is an opportunity cater more directly to customers. QueerCut, an online marketplace, focuses on engaging queer inclusive brands and customers in one place. Key project included: Brand Development, Brand Style Guide, Business Plan Development, Website and Content Development.


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Our work as consultants is only as effective as our clients willingness to collaborate, innovate and be open to change. Are you ready?

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.
— Brene Brown


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