Fashion Consort

Joshua Williams (Principal) –  With a master’s degree in Global Fashion Management (FIT, IFM, HKPU) and a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts (BYU), Joshua Williams has over 8 years experience as a creative director, stylist and producer. He is an adjunct professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and The New School.  Starting his career as a writer and director, he became adept at developing his vision on a grand scale in productions staged from New York to Europe. It was with ease that he transferred those skills to marketing and advertising, always with a director’s eye and strong business acumen. Bridging entertainment and fashion, Joshua found his passion for cross-media and cross-cultural collaboration, bringing together diverse artists from varied backgrounds to produce events, editorials and ad campaigns, providing outstanding results and plenty of buzz. His hand can be seen in projects such as corporate branding, web design, photoshoots, e-commerce (including: ShopToko, Lindsay Phillips, Geoffrey Mac, Wendi Reed and EcoFashionTalk), ad campaigns, fashion shows and events. Joshua excels at bringing creative teams together to produce one-of-a-kind results for his clients.

Joshua is the editor and creative director of See.7 magazine.