Parc des Sceaux

I was back in Paris for business this past week.  The weather was lovely and I did so much walking that I came home with completely swollen feet, so much that so, that I wasn’t able to walk for three days!  I think I must be getting a little old.  But, as always, meandering the streets of Paris is worth it…the little discoveries here and there that one finds.  And this time, I had the a little extra time to venture forth outside the city limits. Sceaux, just south of Paris on the RER B, is a swanky little town bordered by the wonderful Parc des Sceaux which has at it’s focal point an immense chateau, once owned by France’s minister of finance, Jean-Baptiste Colbert.  The image in black & white is haunting, but the location was sunny, perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll and glace framboise.

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