Spring in Paris

What a difference a month makes in Paris.  From cold and rainy to sunny and vibrant, Paris was alive!  There were stripes everywhere…vive le breton!  And I couldn’t help but feel that these two consecutive photos (the Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens) were somewhat inspired–vertical and horizontal.

I also managed to take a few very amazing scenic photos (if I do so say myself), which unfortunately are now lost forever, due to an unfortunate incident that involved eating, gypsies and the inevitable iPhone theft.  It was only second day there, out of five days and I must admit, not having my iPhone was sort of like having one of my hands chopped off.  To think that less than 20 years ago, very people had cell phones, let alone smart phones that took great photographs, all in a foreign country with a corresponding phone plan, data plan and WiFi VOIP phone service.  Ah…I must say there was something quite liberating about not having the phone, but when I finally shelled out the cash for a new one, the day after my return, I did feel whole again.

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One Response to Spring in Paris

  1. luix says:

    you’re right. 20 years ago…. I tell you what, I don’t have an Iphone, and I don’t know properly what it is other than a mobile phone, but I don’t want to know. Internet is plenty of info about it, but I don’t want to know. I’ve had enough of being slave of constantly updated newest technologies. I’m tired of this new world, really.

    Again, I don’t think quality of iphone pixs are great anyway. Get a good camera instead.

    As to being in Paris, enjoy it. I envy you; I’ve been there quite a few times and I love Paris in any weather, but now I am stuck in the middle of nowhere, pennyless, a bit hopeless, tired and quite apathetic. Not too far from Paris, but no way to get there now…. Let’s hope I manage to get reborn out of the ashes like phenix….

    Good luck to you, and keep the gypsies away. Don’t let them get close to you again.

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