Creative Directors, Part II

It’s already a new semester at FIT and I’ve been asked to moderate another Town Hall Event, “What Makes a Good Creative Director?”  This semester will feature David Wolfe (The Doneger Group), Emmett Shine (Gin Lane) and Piera Gelardi (Refinery 29).  We’ll be discussing everything from the roles of Creative Directors in fashion, to dealing with the current economy and the latest technologies.

Thursday, September 22, 2011, 1-2pm

Katie Murphy Amphitheater, D-Building (27th @ 7th Avenue)

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This past month I was busy working on a new brand, Terlam, an online company that is planning to bring Essential Oils and organic cosmetics, among other products.  It was important to ensure that the logo feel fresh and modern, yet still invoke a feeling of heritage.  While the brand is new, the concepts and products the brand espouses are ancient.  Matthew Williams is the graphic designer.

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Dossier Journal, “Spirited Away”

It’s been quite a few weeks since my last post.  Now that summer has past and life is back to normal (is life ever normal?), I will start to post more often.  And I couldn’t think of a better way to kick things off then with a new photoshoot I worked on, “Spirited Away” that just appeared online at Dossier Journal in tandem with New York Fashion Week.

Metal artist Frank Verga was responsible for all of the wonderful metal pieces and artist Joanne Lee really brought the images alive with her amazing illustrations.  Fashion credits include:  VPL, Elise Øverland, Michael Angel, Giuseppe Zanotti and Prabal Gurung.

See the full editorial.

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Creativity Remix

A wonderful summation of the ideas that have recently been circulating about creativity and the creative process.

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Parc des Sceaux

I was back in Paris for business this past week.  The weather was lovely and I did so much walking that I came home with completely swollen feet, so much that so, that I wasn’t able to walk for three days!  I think I must be getting a little old.  But, as always, meandering the streets of Paris is worth it…the little discoveries here and there that one finds.  And this time, I had the a little extra time to venture forth outside the city limits. Sceaux, just south of Paris on the RER B, is a swanky little town bordered by the wonderful Parc des Sceaux which has at it’s focal point an immense chateau, once owned by France’s minister of finance, Jean-Baptiste Colbert.  The image in black & white is haunting, but the location was sunny, perfect for a Sunday afternoon stroll and glace framboise.

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Mini Photoshoot

As my assistant wasn’t available this past week for a Dossier Journal shoot, I asked my 12-year old daughter if she’d be willing to skip school for a day and help.  Of course, there was very little coaxing involved!  As with every shoot, there is a lot of down time, particularly as you wait for hair and make-up (they always get the most one-on-one time) with the models.  But it afforded my daughter the chance to “try out” a few pieces!

TOP – Anna Sui (dress), VPL (shrug)

BOTTOM – Elise Overland (Coat), Prabal Gurung (Dress)

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Burn to Shine

Dossier Journal just posted a men’s story I did with photographer Kah Poon, featuring the designs of the amazing Telfar.  This is the first story I’ve done with just men and it was quite a different energy on set as you can imagine–a lot of testosterone–which I think comes through in the images.

You can check out the whole story at Dossier Journal or at Fashion Consort.

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Lost in L.A.

I took a short trip to L.A. this past week and was able to stay with friends, quite literally on Manhattan Beach.  Nothing beats looking out your window at the beach each morning, or watching the sun go down at night.  It’s quite magical and inspiring.  I also finally got a chance to visit the Getty Museum.  It was like being transported to Tuscany…the landscape that stretches forth from the museum’s mountain-top perch, albeit with the city of Los Angeles jutting through the haze.

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Spring in Paris

What a difference a month makes in Paris.  From cold and rainy to sunny and vibrant, Paris was alive!  There were stripes everywhere…vive le breton!  And I couldn’t help but feel that these two consecutive photos (the Pantheon and Luxembourg Gardens) were somewhat inspired–vertical and horizontal.

I also managed to take a few very amazing scenic photos (if I do so say myself), which unfortunately are now lost forever, due to an unfortunate incident that involved eating, gypsies and the inevitable iPhone theft.  It was only second day there, out of five days and I must admit, not having my iPhone was sort of like having one of my hands chopped off.  To think that less than 20 years ago, very people had cell phones, let alone smart phones that took great photographs, all in a foreign country with a corresponding phone plan, data plan and WiFi VOIP phone service.  Ah…I must say there was something quite liberating about not having the phone, but when I finally shelled out the cash for a new one, the day after my return, I did feel whole again.

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Performance Art

I just came across this great video, Double Identity / Podwojna Tożsamość, an advertisement for Polish designer Karolina Zmarlak’s Fall 2011 collection.  Directors Matt Kliegman and Jenna Elizabeth manage to bring focus to the clothing without it feeling obvious.  In fact, the story, said to be inspired by the women living in Communism, was quite electrifying.  This is a step apart from the many “fashion short films” proliferating out there on the web.

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